Richland Contracting is a full service landscaping business. We specialise in brick paving and retaining walls. We install all designs of brick paving and both on slab or compacted base natural stone.  The quality and life of brick paving is completely reliant on its base. We will get it right the first time so your job will last the test of time. We can provide fast and competitive paving quotes Melbourne so call Richland today.

We build all styles of retaining walls from H beam and sleeper walls through to precast and natural stone walls.  All our retaining wall quotes include the appropriate drainage and we will advise you regarding both permit and any engineering requirements your project may require

Commercial landscaping installation services are available for developers across greater Melbourne. We guarantee all products and plant material for the appropriate period so your project will look its best and you have the peace of mind know that it’s done right.

Richland is your choice for Landscaping quotes 


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